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SAFE Women (Safety and Financial Empowerment for Women)

This course will help financial literacy educators understand and apply trauma and violence-informed approaches (TVIA) when supporting women.
Certificates of participation will be provided to those who complete the course.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to:
Provide emotionally, physically, and culturally safe, competent, and high-quality interactions as part of your financial literacy education.
Understand and be able to apply the core elements of trauma- and violence-informed approaches, including recognizing the effects of trauma and responding appropriately.
Demonstrate a non-judgmental, anti-discriminatory, and non-stigmatizing attitude as a fundamental aspect of your professional role.

*Content warning: this course will discuss stigma and discrimination that may be difficult for some learners to encounter. Learners are encouraged to take breaks or leave the course and come back as needed. Your progress in the course will be saved and you may start where you left off at any time.

The SAFE Women project was funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada’s Women’s Program. We thank the project’s Working Group for their generous support and contributions to this project:
ABC Life Literacy – Elizabeth Robinson
CPA Canada – Li Zhang
Momentum – Hiroko Nakao, Tanya Leavitt
Prosper Canada – Carrie Wong, Jenni Bolton
Vancity – Diana Barry
SEED Winnipeg – Millie Acuna
Vita Centre – Susan Robins, Andrea Dumdumaya

Time to Complete:
~ 1:30:00

Course Sections:
Pre-course survey.
Trauma and violence, including trauma and provider well-being.
TVIA four principles.
Principle 1: being trauma and violence aware.
Principle 2: prioritizing safety in service interactions.
Principle 3: fostering opportunities for choice, collaboration, and connection.
Principle 4: finding and building strengths.
Post-course survey.
  • SAFE Women (Safety and Financial Empowerment for Women)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever